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Melissa Wilson

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Melissa is a professional event planner, working on a variety of events  founding and operating Pathway X Events, focusing on training and speaking to construction companies about creating sustainable, hands-on, inspiring events to encourage a younger workforce to join the industry after high school graduation.

She speaks about the importance of showcasing high-need industries to youth through more intimate and experiential events as well as to female entrepreneurs, finding alignment with your desires to resolve an issue and how to run a business. 

Her podcast, Event Planning: Unmasked! encourages inexperienced event planners to explore the industry with joy and flexibility. She interviews established event business owners and event planners who share their unique career paths and how they hire. Launching in June 2023, she will simultaneously release a course and mastermind class series on event planning with Pathway X Events.

Melissa has three adult children, practices yoga and is enjoying reviving her artistic talents in watercolor and ceramics. She lives in both Michigan and Virginia, making time for adventure in her 2020 teardrop trailer.



2019 MIM ladder & addressing audience
teardrop Tetons 2020_edited.jpg
teardrop 1st campsite 2020.JPG
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