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Together we can create opportunities for our youth to achieve a future beyond imagination.

Sarah Cook, Pathway X Co-Founder


"You don't know what you like until you've been introduced to it, so [Pathway X Events] is an introduction"

Lee Graham, Operating Engineer at 324


"The most important thing is to let students explore at early ages"
THREE levels of service (C.C.C.):


Working WITH your team

to create the event from the initial planning stages

  • Together we will create the blueprint to establish a repeatable event plan annually, easily.

  • Track and report on the event budget consistently, negotiating favorable terms with
    vendors and suggesting opportunities for savings or investments.

  • Resource contractable services, obtain comparable quotes and implement partnerships.

  • On-site event coordinator to execute the plans and capture data needed to demonstrate the best returns on your investments. 

  • Post-event, the golden nugget, a playbook to work from for your next event!

Sponsor Levels

Working WITH your team

for plan development and implementation

  • Event layout and event design

  • Event planning and scheduling

  • Volunteer coordination, support recruitment, communications and tracking

  • Participant coordination, activity set-up, timing and orientation for participants

  • Sponsor coordination, implement on-site recognition and support sponsor sales

  • Vendor communications, coordination, and vendor contract fulfillment

  • Audio / Visual support

  • Event budget maintenance, in conjunction with the team member responsible for expenses

  • Coordination with venue / facility manager

  • Weekly attendance and active participation in team committee meetings



Provide expert advice for your team
to produce an organized event plan

  • Weekly team meeting agenda.

  • Event planning and scheduling.

  • Volunteer coordination, recruitment and tracking.

  • Activity coordination and orientation of activity participants

  • Vendor communications, coordination, and vendor contract fulfillment

  • Audio / Visual support

  • Coordination with venue / facility manager as needed

  • Review of specific event documents and contracts as needed.

Become a sponsor to positively impact the lives of hundreds of high school, middle school, and alternative education students.

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