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Sarah Cook

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Originally from Dearborn, MI, I found my passion for science in college and after graduation, worked in a variety of research labs, including an observatory in Hawaii, someplace in Maine and ended up in Texas loving my position in exhibit design at the Almo Museum of Science. 

Looking to return home to be closer to family,  I was hired in 2013 at the Michigan Science Center in the only open position, which happen to be in development where I learned more about grant writing, institutional giving and donor support initiatives than I ever knew before. Working often with Melissa on science center events , together we really enjoyed supporting the STEM  programming and connecting many new people to the mission of the museum.

After successfully establishing several key grants, building strong relationships with donors and working on a variety of fundraisers at the Science Center, one message kept showing up in many of our partners goals: connecting young people and industry to help fill the states talent and skills gaps. 

I decided to resign from my full time job to help work on what many businesses seemed to need help with: filling the talent gap in five statistically proven industries in Michigan. We have been working diligently on the feasibility of a trifecta of structured but fun events that will be used to help inspire young people and their families to begin to plan their pathway to a purposeful life, while simultaneously supporting businesses workforce needs to attract the next generation to their industry.


Currently, I am the Executive Director of the Automotive Hall of Fame, on the Board of the Hamtramck's Historical Society as well as the co-founder and silent partner at Pathway X Events. 

A little extraPrior to working in cultural institutions, I also built boats ,lived in Maine, Hawaii, Texas and Chelsea, MI and adopted my adorable dog Daisy.

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