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Construction and Manufacturing Industry videos worth checking out...

Manufacturing Day 2018

An overview of how your life can be changed in the manufacturing industry in Michigan. This is a 5:00 minute run through of how our ISD's are doing their best to pipeline kids to the companies that need them. Produced by CAM

This Detroit event is made up of over 20 Construction & Design companies and associations that work together to showcase trade skill and engineering careers to approximately 1,000 students annually since 2010 from more than 15 DPS schools who are invited to attend by the Black Caucus Foundation.

Manufaturing tours led by teens

What in the world IS manufacturing, anyway??

Informational video designed for Middle and High School students to consider careers in manufacturing. Its a little long, but highlights #10 different companies and product lines. Very cool!!

For over 100 years, Operating Engineers 324 has provided value to workers, businesses and communities throughout the entire state of Michigan. A dynamic organization of 14,000 Members where career opportunity thrives.

Gaming and Construction

Today's video game wizard could be bringing tomorrow's worlds to life.

Your future awaits at

Cadillac Asphalt explains Pre-Apprenticeship

Attitude, desire and fit are the key components to joining Cadillac Asphalt's diverse, on-the-job trained labor crew. Cadillac is also a strong proponent of the Detroit Workforce of the Future Career Readiness program, a break out group from Construction Science Expo.

What would they say if you asked "What would YOU make?"

Manufacturing - Careers for Kids - Pure Michigan Talent Connect

Its important to understand math and mechanics. There are so SO many jobs that relate to this industry. If you enjoy making things, you may be a self-made manufacturer someday!.

Learn what manufacturing is and what it means to have a technical career in manufacturing. Hear from an actual manufacturer what she does and makes.

MUST (Michigan Union Skilled Trades) is an organization of Michigan Construction Trades Council and their Contractor association partners. 

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