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It's the confidence we hear in their story.

Retired at 47 with a pension. Great healthcare. College for three children. Financial security on one income.

These aspirational goals may seem out of reach for today’s college students and young professionals, but for workers in the skilled trades, these scenarios are the norm.

The skilled trades are often underestimated by high school graduates and their parents, but these jobs are in demand and offer good pay and benefits.

Take it from members of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, or LIUNA. These workers are deployed in the construction and energy industries throughout the U.S. and Canada.

A recent video series - Our Union Stories - created by LIUNA showcases some of these success stories.

Genny Romeos

Genny only expected to work in the skilled trades for one week, but stayed because her job allowed her, day by day, to finance first a 10-speed, then a car and then a vacation home. Now, she’s retired at 47 with a pension and loves her lifestyle.

.Roger Anderson

At 56, Roger appreciates having steady work, great health care and competitive pay. He's earned enough to appreciate all the toys he's been able to buy himself and still be able to support his loving family and pets. LiUNA took a chance on him and he was able to prove his reliability and endurance in the construction industry.

Stephanie Nurme

As a single mom, Stephanie is thankful that her career allows to her to plan for both her future and her children’s. She's proud to be progressing toward her future and not just working for today.

Maurice Fakhouri

Maurice is proud that his work in skilled trades affords him the ability to care for his disabled wife and provide for his children's high school and college education. He loves his work and wishes he had gained his trade skills when we was younger.

These stories are just a few examples of successful and fulfilling careers.

To learn more about rewarding opportunities in construction, consider attending one of Pathway X’s industry-themed events, currently scheduled in March and October.

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